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  • The past - September 2011

    The Pasteur Institute of Brussels (PIB), initially called "Antirabies and Bacteriological Institute of Brabant ’, was founded on March 15, 1900 at the initiative of the Brabant Provincial Council. The direction of the Institute was entrusted to Dr. J. Bordet who, in 1919, received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his pioneering research on immunity. In 1903 Dr. J. Bordet obtained the authorization of Mrs. Louis Pasteur to call his institution "Institut Pasteur". The Institute (...)

  • Some data - September 2011

    1900 Creation on the 15th March of the "Antirabies and Bacteriological Institute of Brabant" (Institut antirabique et bactériologique du Brabant - Antirabiës- en Bacteriologisch Instituut van Brabant). 1900 Development of the complement fixation (...)